MOT Testing in Tunbridge Wells
Interim & Full Car Servicing | How These Services Differ

When you think about how best to maintain your vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety, performance and value, what comes to mind? We feel safe to assume that you answered either annual MOT testing or regular car servicing. And it’s true, both of these services are vital to upholding your car’s or van’s condition and health. However, a survey by Kwik Fit showed that up to 59% of drivers don’t know what mechanics check during MOTs and servicing.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, G & R Autos provides complete car care in the local area, from vehicle diagnostics to clutch repairs. We share decades of trade expertise, so we’re perfectly placed to help explain how your vehicle’s MOT differs from its service.

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MOT Testing & Car Servicing | What’s the Difference?

A Guide to MOTs

Of most importance, MOTs are a legal requirement. Most cars aged 3 years or over must undergo this test on an annual basis. Whether you’re in Tunbridge Wells or any other location, you cannot drive on the road without a valid MOT certificate. The only exception is if you are driving to a mechanic for MOT testing.

An MOT is a visual inspection of your vehicle. The physical test itself does not include any kind of vehicle diagnostics. During these checks, we are not allowed to strip or dismantle components down. The DVSA sets the inspection criteria and it applies equally to all cars.

MOTs assess whether or not your vehicle complies with the set safety standards. Some of the parts we check include, but aren’t limited to:

If your car fails its MOT testing, you can leave it with us to perform the necessary repairs. From brake to clutch repairs, we cover your every need. Alternatively, your vehicle might be close to a fail, in which case we may give an ‘Advisory’ notice. This means you must deal with the highlighted issues urgently.

Remember, if you drive around Tunbridge Wells or the neighbouring areas without a valid MOT certificate, you run the risk of a financial penalty, not to mention a higher likelihood of needing to visit a mechanic again soon.

A Closer Look at Car Servicing

Unlike an MOT, vehicle servicing is not a legal requirement. Rather, it’s an industry recommendation, and personal decision, that works in tandem with MOT testing to spot potential problems with your car before they develop. Be it engine, exhaust or clutch repairs, you’re simply more likely to avoid major repair work with regular servicing.

When you factor in regular vehicle diagnostics checks too, you tick every box for effective maintenance.

It’s worth noting, car servicing isn’t less important because it’s not legally required. Because there are two types of service (interim and full), they apply to different kinds of motorists. What suits a low-mileage driver won’t apply to someone who clocks up significant distances.

As Tunbridge Wells-based mechanics, we perform the inspection in line with guidelines set by your vehicle’s manufacturer, not the DVSA. Because servicing standards vary so much, there’s no way to apply it as law.

Servicing does share some similarities with MOT testing. For example, they both involve checks on brakes, tyres and seatbelts. However, during a service, we are more thorough and can go beyond the visual checks of an MOT.

This means we can replace parts and top-up fluids, where needed, to improve your vehicle’s performance. These include engine oil, various filters and spark plugs.

From car servicing and MOTs to vehicle diagnostics and clutch repairs, we pride ourselves on being the trusted mechanics for all vehicle maintenance and repair work in Tunbridge Wells.

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